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Founding of Girrbach Dental Germany by Herbert Girrbach


Founding of Amann Dental Austria by Dietmar Amann


Start of Amann Dental & Girrbach Dental cooperation

Karl Girrbach & Dietmar Amann

Development of the first articulator


Launch of Giroform model fabrication

> more about Giroform


Fusion of Amann Dental and Girrbach Dental - founding of Amann Girrbach AG

> more about Amann Girrbach


Launch of Artex Carbon series of articulators

> overview on all current Artex articulators


Opening of AG America in Tampa, FL USA

Start of in-house zirconia production at the headquarters in Koblach, Austria

> more about ZI

Launch of Ceramill Multi-X - Manual copy milling device for zirconium oxide


Model Management – Method for interference-free restorations without facebow registration

> more about Model Management


Launch of the Ceramill CAD/CAM system – Mind, Map100, Motion (1)


Complete digitisation of patient data for perfect restorations using “Digital Functional Prosthetics"


Opening of AG Asia in Singapore

Launch of Zolid White - Highly translucent (HT) monolithic zirconia


Launch of Ceramill Motion 2 - the inhouse revolution. The first compact dry/wet milling and grinding unit.

> more about Ceramill Motion 2

Relocation of AG America from Tampa, FL to Charlotte, NC


Launch of Ceramill Sintron - the non-precious revolution. The first dry millable CoCr sinter metal.

> more about Ceramill Sintron

Opening of AG Brazil in Curitiba


Opening of AG China in Beijing

Ceramill HD

Fabrication of HD (High Definition) restorations without preparatory work or reworking due to the use of 0.3 mm trimmers/cutters and the most precise grinding and milling strategies.

Ceramill TI-Forms

Inhouse processing of individual one-piece titanium abutments with the Ceramill Motion 2 (5X).

> more about Ceramill TI-Forms

Ceramill Mikro

Extremely robust and compact 4-axis milling machine for dry milling.

> more about Ceramill Mikro


Launch Zolid FX White - Super-high translucent (SHT) zirconia

> more about Zolid FX White

Ceramill FDS - Full Denture System

Fabricate full dentures digitally & inhouse.

> more about Ceramill FDS


Launch of the Ceramill DNA Generation

> all Ceramill DNA Generation units


Launch of Zolid FX Multilayer - Super high-translucent zirconia with seamless shade and translucency gradient

> more about Zolid FX Multilayer

Launch of Zolid HT+ - Highly translucent zirconium oxide which combines high mechanical characteristics with outstanding aesthetics

> more about Zolid HT+


Start collaboration with 3D Systems in the field of Dental 3D Printing

> 3D Printer NextDent 5100 for Ceramill

Launch of the Zolid HT+ Preshades - Highly translucent, pre-stained zirconium oxide: Efficient and colour stable due to pre-stained blanks in 16 VITA shades

> more about Zolid HT+ Preshades

Launch of the Map 600: The high-performance scanner

> more about the Map 600


Launch of the Ceramill Matik: The first dental full service unit

> more about Ceramill Matik

Launch of the digital facebow Zebris for Ceramill

> Zebris for Ceramill


Launch of Zolid Gen-X - Polychromatic, highly translucent zirconia with integrated color and translucency gradient

> Zolid Gen-X

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