NextDent for Ceramill C&B MFH

3D print material for temporary crowns and bridges

NextDent for Ceramill C&B MFH (Micro Filled Hybrid) is a biocompatible Class IIa material developed for crowns and bridges. The balance between inorganic fillers and the resin give the material its high strength and wear resistance. The material is easy to finish and polish, and can be stained with all types of composite staining kits. Due to the perfect balance between opacity and translucency the printed crown blends in perfectly between the existing teeth.

Available in colors: BL, N1, N1.5, N2, N2.5 and N3

  • High strength and wear resistance
  • Natural esthetics due to different colors and coordinated translucency
  • Biocompatible Class IIa material for use in crowns and bridges

Not all Amann Girrbach products are available in every market. Please contact your respective dealer for further information.