mill® ti-forms

Inhouse fabrication of customised, one-piece titanium abutments

The Ceramill TI-Forms process stands for the processing of titanium abutment blanks with pre-fabricated connection geometries, which can be individually designed with the Ceramill M-Plant module. The blanks are available for a wide range of conventional implant systems, which is continuously extended. The Ceramill portfolio has been extended to include original titanium abutment blanks, which can be processed highly precisely inhouse by Ceramill users with unlimited service, support and guarantee. Other blanks with original connection geometries in validation.

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  • High saving in time and maximum value creation thanks to inhouse fabrication
  • High precision of the abutments due to prefabricated implant-connection geometries
  • Maximum protection for the industrially manufactured implant interface by only gripping the abutment on the face side
  • Excellent surface quality due the “rotation milling” technique
  • Blanks available for all conventional implant systems

Not all Amann Girrbach products are available in every market. Please contact your respective dealer for further information.