Starbond Ti5 Disc

Titanium hard metal milling with the Ceramill Matik

With further enhancements and software updates to the Ceramill Matik, Amann Girrbach offers a milling machine for processing hard metal titanium blanks. It is recommended to only use the titanium blanks validated & tested by Amann Girrbach with the Ceramill Matik. This ensures a safe process and consistently good results when using the hard metal titanium blank. Due to the excellent metal-ceramic bond, the Starbond Ti5 Disc can also be used for frames for subsequent titanium-ceramic veneering.

  • Validated process when using the Starbond Ti5 Disc on the Ceramill Matik
  • Excellent metal-ceramic bond for possible ceramic veneering of the titanium restoration
  • Excellent strength values, bonding strength, and biocompatibility
  • Highest process safety due to homogeneous and distortion-free machines

Not all Amann Girrbach products are available in every market. Please contact your respective dealer for further information.