mill® mind drs

High-performance and lean CAD/CAM software optimized for use in dental practices

The Ceramill Mind DRS CAD/CAM software is developed specifically for use in the dental practice. Application is intuitive and child's play, so that it can also be used directly next to the patient.

Single tooth restorations can be implemented in just 3 steps: simply by setting the preparation line, automatic suggestion of the tooth position and shape, taking into account the adjacent teeth, and positioning of the finished crown in the blank.

The software, which is approved as a medical device, includes the following features in addition to the basic functions:

  • The virtual articulator performs all dynamic movements in the background and uses these to calculate the occlusal surface. This results in far fewer or no interfering contacts at all and consequently requires less filing by the dentist in the patient's mouth.
  • With the Trusmile module, the scans are displayed in realistic colors and the color gradient of blanks is also displayed in color. This provides easier orientation and correct positioning of the restorations in the blank.
  • After the design, Nesting is performed in the blank. The automatic proposal or the selected blank can be adjusted extremely easily and quickly if necessary. A customizable blank library makes it possible to display only blanks that are actually in use.
  • Intuitive, simple and fast: only 3 wizard steps for a crown:
    1. Define preparation line if not already done in the scan software
    2. Automatic placement and positioning of the tooth taking into account the shape, movements and adjacent teeth
    3. Automatic nesting and pin placement
  • All features for smooth working are integrated in the basic version: automatic virtual articulator, Trusmile and nesting module
  • Customizable blank library for easier overview

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