mill® motion 2

Ceramill Motion 2 – The Hybrid Evergreen

When launched in 2012, the Ceramill Motion 2 5-axis milling unit redefined the industry standard in terms of technical capabilities, fabrication diversity and quality. As one of the first milling machines that could be used for both dry and wet fabrication, the Ceramill Motion 2 has always advanced in line with the requirements of its users.

Wet and dry processing in a single compact machine keeps the value creation chain almost completely in-house. Thanks to the innovative DNA control technology and the robust machine concept, the Ceramill Motion 2 is a future-proof guarantor for cost-effectiveness and precision. From its market launch to today, countless customers trust in its reliability. Worldwide, this generation of machines has thus clocked up over 10 million effective operating hours, making it the most successful upgradeable hybrid platform of all times.

This success story will be continued in 2022 - with the Ceramill Motion 2 DRY Package. This machine, which is designed purely for dry processing, impresses with fast machining times, maximum quality and an unbeatable ROI, just like the hybrid machine. And what's more, it can also be upgraded with the wet processing module, should this be required at a later date.

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Up to 60% time saving

Up to 80% cost saving

Up to 50% cost saving

  • Perfectly fitting results owing to high-performance DNA milling strategies - specifically developed for the processing of dental materials
  • Maximum material and indication diversity
  • Intelligent machine design ensures optimum protection of all electronic components during wet operation
  • Upgradeable and thus future-proof

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