mill® motion drs

Denture fabrication during a single patient session at maximum process reliability

The Ceramill Motion DRS milling unit together with the Ceramill Mind DRS design software offers clinicians the option of fabricating small restorations directly in the practice. Fast, specifically developed milling strategies make it possible to produce single restorations from specific materials, even within a single session. The patient has the advantage of leaving the practice immediately with a definitive denture.

More elaborate work will continue to be fabricated by the laboratory. And the laboratory can continue to assist in the design process in the future. Options are presently being examined on ways for the laboratory to handle the design process in the future and for the work to be milled in the practice.

To increase both comfort and efficiency in the use of the Ceramill Motion DRS, the water tank and compressor are integrated into the machine. Thus, the machine requires only one power connection. The touch screen allows for easy machine control and maintenance. All the necessary work steps are illustrated and documented per video, which offers the user a high level of safety. The integrated SD card lets the machine work independently of the scanning and design process. This means that the next patient can already be scanned during milling. For safe use, tool holders and tools are equipped with an RFID chip. Hence, the machine automatically recognizes which tool has been inserted at which position. It also documents how long a tool has been in use and when it needs to be replaced. The integrated camera documents the milling processes per video. This enables appropriate support to be offered quickly in the event of service needs.

Process safety in daily work and the quality of the final restoration are of the highest priority. All materials that can be processed with the Ceramill Motion DRS, including the corresponding tools and milling strategies from Amann Girrbach, have been validated together with the respective material partner. To avoid mixing up blanks, each blank inserted into the machine is scanned and checked for correctness.

  • Self-contained 4-axis CNC machine with fast milling strategies for restoration fabrication during a single patient session
  • High level of process safety due to illustrated work steps in the machine display, RFID tool holder and tools, integrated camera and checking of the blanks used
  • Validated materials and milling strategies for a perfect fit of the final restoration
  • Flexibility: while the machine is working, the next patient can already be scanned

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