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The Ceramill Direct Restoration Solution (DRS) connects dental technicians and dentists in an interdisciplinary team via the AG.Live platform. Dentist Niclas Haude and dental technician Jan Stappert, a young, prosthetically oriented treatment team, chose Ceramill DRS because the concept offers the dentist the ideal introduction to a digital workflow.
(1.4 M)
DMT Karl-Heinz Körholz presents solutions with the FDS system in a two-part article on a „truly uncomfortable“ patient case. Published in Das Dental Labor 7/2017.
(13.4 M)
Modern solution approach for a fixed implant prosthetic reconstruction. An article by DMT. David May, Lindau/Germany. Published in the Dental Dialogue 6/2018.
(2.4 M)
Retrospective on the 5th anniversary of the Ceramill Sintron CoCr sintering metal. Based on case studies from dental practice, enthusiastic Sintron users give insights into the variety of indications. A contribution by Dipl. Ing. (FH) Axel Reichert, Koblach/Austria. Published in the Dental Dialogue 1&2/2018.
(3.7 M)
For the past few months MDT Benjamin Votteler has been working with Ceramill Zolid FX Multilayer. Together with the attending dentist Dr. Feraydoon Sharghi he demonstrated how to fabricate a prosthetic restoration with an uncompromisingly aesthetic result. Reprint Dental Dialogue.
(3.3 M)
Model Management in the Lab: An efficient Model System by AmannGirrbach. A contribution by dental master technician ZTM Stefan Schunke, Fürth/Germany.
(759 K)
CAD/CAM fabrication of implant-supported bridges in the maxilla and mandible. An article by Master Dental Technician Ralf Bahle, Leutkirch/Germany.
(1.9 M)
Sintron study No. 1 - Millable CoCr blanks for in-house manufacture: value creation, control and convenience. Scientific report by AG Head of R&D Dipl.-Ing. Falko Noack, published in the Dental Dialogue.
(236 K)
Sintron study No. 2 - New technique for dry milling chrome-cobalt-molybdenum in the laboratory. Scientific report by Dipl.-Ing. Bogna Stawarczyk, MSc, Marlis Eichberger, Josef Schweiger, PD Dr. Florian Beuer and AG Head of R&D Dipl.-Ing. Falko Noack with MSc Rita Hoffmann.
(452 K)
Sintron study No. 3 - Comparison of the mechanical properties of a CoCr sinter alloy with a CoCr casting alloy. Scientific report by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Geis-Gerstorfer, Christine Schille (PhytA), AG Dipl.-Ing. Falko Noack und AG Dipl.-Ing. Axel Reichert in the Dental Dialogue.
(358 K)
Sintron study No. 4 - Comparison of the biocompatibility and corrosion properties of a CoCr sinter alloy with a casting alloy. Scientific report by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Geis-Gerstorfer, Christine Schille (PhytA) and Ernst Schweizer (CTA), as well as Dipl.-Ing. Falko Noack and MSc Rita Hoffmann, published in the Dental Dialogue.
(372 K)
Case study 1-4 - all in one compendium.
(1.8 M)
Full denture prosthetics digitally created with the Ceramill system. How this will exactly work in future, is explained in the current Dental Dialogue by Dipl.-Ing. Falko Noack and Dipl.-Ing. Ineke Lindemann.
(298 K)
How to produce excellent results with Ceramill Sintron® - case report by Knut Miller, published in the Dental Dialogue.
(742 K)
Dietmar Schaan and Knut Miller present an exemplary, step-by-step method of fabricating functional and aesthetic restorations in this five-part article, published in the Dental Labor.
(2 M)
The perfect combination of Inhouse profitability and the quality of industrial manufacturing. Background report by AG Research & Development employee Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Johannes Anders, published in the Dental Dialogue Magazine.
(700 K)
A direct comparison between the analogue and the digital manufacturing process of a full denture. By means of a patient course Karl-Heinz-Körholz, Trigodent (analog process) and Ineke Knill, Amann Girrbach (digital process) opposed the methods with one another – with a convincing result.
(1.5 M)

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