Trainer: Yuzhou Chen

Qualified Dental Technology (Specialist) Yuzhou Chen

After she worked in different labs in different countries, she devoted herself to education and training of dental technology. She has experience how to teach with combination of characteristics between Asian and Western educations. In 2014, Jo joined Amann Girrbach China as a Trainer. Through her deep understanding of dental technicians’ requirements in China as well as her extensive knowledge in dental technology, Jo is regards as instructor in Chinese market. Her objective is to help the dental technicians to achieve best result in today’s digital dental world.

Trainer: Elie El Khoueiry

Elie El Khoueiry

Bachelor of Dental Technology since 1998. He acquired a wide knowledge in Implantology as well as in Dental Technology with more than 10 years of experience in different labs as well as his own lab. After his first steps in sales and training he joined Amann Girrbach as an instructor and product specialist in 2012.

Trainer: Thomas Frerichs

MDT Thomas Frerichs

Thomas first graduated as a Dental Technician in 1988 in Germany. After having worked in different labs in Germany focussing on crowns and bridges works and comprehensive telescopic restorations, Thomas graduated as a Master Dental Technician in 1997. Soon after his graduation Thomas took on assignments in Southeast Asia in different labs. He was responsible for quality control and training of the dental technical staff. In 2011, Thomas joined Amann Girrbach Asia Pte Ltd as Product Manager and Instructor. With his extensive knowledge in dental technology,(particularly in the field of CAD/CAM) as well as through his deep insight and understanding of dental technicians’ requirements in Southeast Asia, Thomas is highly regarded as lecturer and trainer in the Southeast Asia market.

Trainer: Hans-Peter Kulawy

MDT Hans-Peter Kulawy

Hans-Peter Kulawy, Master of Dental Technology since 2000, acquired his knowledge in over 30 years of working in the laboratory. He has a wide knowledge in all parts of Dental Technology as well as implantology. He published several articles and worked as a trainer for veneering ceramics. Being an instructor at Amann Girrbach, his goal is to combine the analogue methods with the digital dental world to help the dental technicians receive an outstanding result.

Trainer: Knut Miller

CDT Knut Miller

Dental technician apprenticeship and studied at the Dental Academy in Baden/Vienna, 1988 graduation with honours. Subsequently, Mr Miller expanded his knowledge in the area of ceramic, gold, milling and combination techniques. Since 1996 he is lectoring for companies in the dental industry. As instructor and trainer he continuously broadens his spectrum of knowledge on an international scale. In 2005, Teamwork Media published his dental textbook “individualitas naturae dentis - individualitas dentis naturae“, which is one of the publishing house’s best-selling titles to this day. His teeth forms are by now integrated into the Ceramill Software as a high-end Tooth library. Knut Miller is a highly appreciated lector and trainer worldwide.

Trainer: Dietmar Schaan

MDT Dietmar Schaan

Dietmar Schaan graduated as a Master of Dental Technology in 2001 in Germany. He worked in different Labs in his home area in the south of Germany for 22 years, focusing on C&B works, comprehensive telescopic restorations, total dentures, laser-technology and milling-technology. In 2002 Dietmar joined Amann Girrbach as an instructor. His profession has taken him on an international road. Dietmar is very active lecturing and teaching for AmannGirrbach, conducting numerous hands on courses in all aspects of Function (Artex-Articulation system, Model Management, DFP Digital Function Prosthetic ), CAD/CAM Technology (Zirconium,Zolid, Sintron,Glass ceramic), Lasertechnology and Castingtechnology. With his skills he is a well known guest at lot of universities, dental practices and Labs all over the world.

Trainer: Allan Vicentini

CDT Allan Vicentini

Dental Technician since 2006 and soon after specialized in dental anatomy in Brazil. Due to his experience during working at a dentist’s office he had the privilege to see the clinical side, and not only the laboratory. Stages with high level Dental Technician taught him to work in all areas of the prosthetics, especially structures. With his natural teaching capability he loves to share his knowledge with colleagues. His passion is not stopping at CAD/CAM but to look at the whole spectrum that dental technology provides.

Trainer: Barbara Wetzel

CDT Barbara Wetzel

She has worked in dental technology for a total of over 25 years and initially gained experience in different laboratories and on various training courses. Her particular speciality was in all facets of the aesthetic ceramic restoration sector. The switch to industry was a logical step: she worked in Germany at Vita Zahnfabrik, Bad Säckingen as a technical application consultant for over 12 years and, through continuous practical and theoretical training and advanced training in all areas of dental technology, ultimately as a course instructor. This work took her to all continents with a focus on Asia. As an experienced specialist in the metal-ceramic and all-ceramic sector as well as CAD/CAM materials she has enriched the Amann Girrbach trainer team since 2014.

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